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Rediscover your ancient wisdom as a ShaWoman!
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Ready to expand your sacred destiny?

Dear Beautiful Soul,

There is no mistake that you find yourself here...

Your ancient Akash resonates with this information and the powerful memories of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. Through these teachings your sense of a higher purpose and mission can come alive!

At long last, the world is ready for the shift to the divine feminine. So many of us find ourselves at the front of the wave of this global transformation.

Together we stand at the Gateway of new beginnings with the the tools for transformation of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel to guide us!

This Shamanic Teachings Wheel community supports your steps forward! As a member of the sacred circle of wisdom-keepers, you accept your role as a modern ShaWoman and way-shower in today’s world. The Pleiadian Star Mothers are ready for you to rediscover your Old Soul destiny for 100,000 years.

The wait is over, the time is NOW, and the choice is yours!

Being called to Shamanship is a deep dive into a time-honored sacred responsibility. Are YOU ready to venture deep into the world of the ShaWoman’s wisdom?

Yes, I'm ready!

What You Will Receive


Those who answer the call will receive:

  • 14 modules of¬†Pleiadian Star Mother teachings¬†
  • step-by-step practical tools for transformation
  • self-paced presentations (no pressure!)
  • specialized Shamanic training for women
  • Star Mother channels and ceremonies
  • membership in¬†a Sacred Circle of community
  • access to all¬†Shamanic Teaching Wheel courses
  • monthly live Q & A

All of this organized and brought to you by the experienced educator and Last Priestess of Lemuria, Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf.

Imagine what can happen when you awaken to your ancient and divine feminine wisdom! Listen to your heart, your intuition, your Lemurian soul, and recognize the magnificent and sacred being that you are!

Become a Member

Members receive modules which include:

A Sacred Circle

Creating a focus and calling in the loving energy of the Pleiadian Star Mothers. 

Star Mothers Activation

Specific activation directed toward each class’ subject.

Personal message from Mele’ha

Delivered with special attention to the practical side of Shamanic teachings.

Sacred Teachings

Explore your Lemurian Akash and your relationship to the STW.

Star Mothers Channeling

Deep journeys into the Star Mother’ guidance for each part of the Wheel.

Wisdom Foundations

Our Pleiadian Mother’s add their ancient wisdom teachings.

Closing Circle

Formal closing of the Sacred Circle with gratitude for all we’ve received.

Review and Reflection

A special time to allow the Teachings to coalesce and permeate your consciousness.

Join the Community

Monthly Membership


Automatic renewal

  • Access¬†to all Shamanic Teaching Wheel¬†modules during your membership
  • FREE access to all upcoming new courses
  • Exclusive discounts for all upcoming events
  • Access to like-minded women on the same spiritual journey through the exclusive STW community
  • Live feedback and support from Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf through monthly Q&As

The Shamanic Teaching Wheel Modules

Module 1
The Foundation

Module 1 is an exciting and unique journey to the beginning of your Lemurian Akash as you re-experience your birth in Lemuria and introduced to the Wheel.

Module 2
The Ancestral Wisdom Portal

Module 2 introduces you to the side of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel called Living Balance, which focuses on the Star Mother’s teachings of presence, your innate, your intuition, compassion and divine soul wisdom.

Module 3
The Parts that Create the Whole 

In Module 3, we study the Hub of the Wheel, the Center of Creation, and the Rim which holds the Wheel and the world together.

Module 4
The Alchemy of Alpha Consciousness

Tap into your Lemurian memories through the Alpha Brain Wave with specific and deep relaxation techniques, and bi-naural beats.

Module 5
The Masculine and Feminine Balance

In this Module, we learn the value of the masculine and feminine principles of balance and harmony as a portal to living in the divine/human balance in daily life.

Module 6
Lemurian Activation Codes

This Module more deeply explores your Lemurian Akash through the Activation Codes, created and used for awakening the ‚Äėstar center‚Äô or chakras on your body.

Module 7
Inspiring and Manifesting Through the Living Wheel

In this Module we welcome guest teaching experts in the field of Inspiration and Manifestation, and weave together the creativity and motivational story of the sacred assignments the our honored guests share!

Module 8
The Living Wheel

Build the very foundation of self-worth, self-esteem, self-belief, and self-honoring through an awareness of the limiting beliefs of our subconscious programs and conditionings.


Module 9
Turning of the Wheel

As we begin Module 9, we are in a place of New Beginnings. This is a time of completing the past, graduating with celebration, and stepping into the future. 

Module 10
Heaven on Earth, the Culture of the New Human

Explore exactly what "Heaven on Earth" means and how our personal Culture is involved as we move closer to that model, creating a life of fulfilled awareness.

Module 11
The Luminous Human, Advanced Teachings of the Hub

Begin to tap into yourself as a human personality, with a creative regenerative center, connecting to her spiritual self-mastery, path to Ascension and oneness, your mission as a teacher and guide, and the multidimensional worlds that support us.

Module 12
Codes of Sacredness

In this Module, the Star Mothers give you the interrelationship of all the wheel parts as sacred parts of a sacred whole, as you more deeply discover and implement the sacred teachings in your daily life. As we continue to peel back the layers separating you from your wisdom and divinity, the Sacredness of all things is revealed.

Module 13
Magical Offerings of the Rim

In this Module we will gently delve into each level and layer in the spheres of influence in your life. We will clear them, healing the past, recalibrating the present and looking into the future. Create your future with your helpers from every realm.


Module 14
The Wheel of Completion

The last module of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel contains tools to remind us of the ancient Akashic lineage that we carry, have awakened, and will continue to evolve with. Enjoy this delicious time of revisiting previous lessons and nurturing your ShaWoman self!

Also Includes:

The Dragons of Mu

Journey into the heart and soul of ancient, timeless wisdom." Under the stewardship of Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf, these teachings are a profound exploration guided by the Dragons of Mu - and immersed in the gifts of healing, wisdom, self-discovery and more, as they call you to share their Sacred Teachings from the Stars.

Exclusive Discounts for Events

Shamanic Teaching Wheel members get access to all upcoming Lemurian Sisterhood Events at a discounted price

Membership Features

Follow Your Calling

Stepping Into Your Future

The elements of each Module are delivered to be enjoyed and integrated at any time and space. The course is designed to be in a format that meets your own divine timing. There is no pressure to follow a schedule. The membership offers freedom and flexibility to accommodate any lifestyle. 

I invite you to simply step forward with the trust and knowing that your internal guidance will assist you in clearing the path.

Goddess - you were born magnificent! Your awareness is widening and deepening with each moment. Only success awaits you! This course is a journey in activating the inspired knowledge and wisdom that your Akash holds. It is a joy and an honored gift for me to witness and guide your unfolding. The Star Mothers and I are grateful that you are ready to come home to your soul’s brilliant destiny! 

We invite you to say YES and dance through the Gateway; we are waiting for you there!

Yes, I’m ready!

Client Testimonials

…story Time 

"This reflection time is of such divine timing for me as in the full moon energy. I only just realized that after the creation of my time capsule crystal, I then received such clarifying information about my Akash from a friend. Such love and appreciation. Thank you, Pleiadean star mothers & Amber Mele'ha" 

Emma Walker 

…overwhelming experience

"Mele'ha, thank you for the answers that made me reflect on the past lessons and how they connect to the more recent ones. - I'd like to review some of the lessons that we did at the beginning of this journey. At that time, it felt overwhelming, and now it feels comfortable and familiar. With gratitude and ūüíē for all the preparations you do in order to make these lessons so interesting and palpable."

Sarojni Ramdhan-Ganpat

…tears of Joy DONE

I am overcome with profound tears of joy at the immensity of this gift we are being given. A return Home. Our Divine and Human Home. As one. Blessed be the Star Mothers and all women on the planet who seek the truth of their being.

Jane Gragtmans

Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Ph.D.

Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Ph.D. is an internationally known teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive, and channel of the Pleiadian Star Mothers. She is an International Kryon team member and a 10-year presenting partner of Lee Carroll.

By accessing her awakened Lemurian Akash she has created the growing community of the Lemurian Sisterhood with seminars online and in-person around the world.

Given the Lemurian name Mele’ha by Kryon in 2014, she continues to receive ‘sacred assignments’ and directions from the Pleiadian Star Mothers and Kryon. Most recently these divine directions have led to the creation of the Lemurian Shamanism School and specifically the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. She has created a school for  ShaWomen, not the general public - because women are the ones who have the tools, the ability, and intuition to absorb and use it; practical Shamanism, as taught by Mele’ha.

She has been committed to transformational healing, spiritual growth, and holistic health care and education since 1982, and her mission is to assist you in your journey of personal empowerment and transformation.

Say 'yes' to your sacred assignment!


Yes, I am ready to accept my sacred assignment.

Participant Testimonials


I loved the message from the Star Mothers that the value they see in us is not what we produce but who we become as a compassionate service divine feminine human that is BEING in the world. It makes my heart sing! It is so much more about BEING than DOING. And it is a challenge to unravel the old paradigm one thread at a time, but worth it. I continue gently to create awareness in this arena to free myself layer by layer. Thank you, Mele'ha and Star Mothers, for your love and guidance.

Jane Gragtmans

…compassion and Wisdom

Beautiful teachings! The wheel teachings are so much deeper and more expansive than our awareness. This wheel of living balance, being present and inside of us with this power, is who we are and always have been. The symbol of the wheel is profound teachings as our chakra systems are wheels of light moving within us, expanding energy out into our human bio-field into the electromagnetic field and moving this energy back again into the body from the earth and the sun in circular and bidirectional movement. We are the wheel and composed of many wheels of light embracing compassion, presence, innate intuition, and wisdom. Energy centers and systems full of love and compassion are being present to embrace the evolution of humanity. I feel blessed to listen to this transmission today! Just remembering what we already know...Thank you so very much!

Valerie Midanik

…a delightful journey 

This was a delightful journey for me. Deep breaths are so healing & nurturing. Stepping into the hub instantly felt like home and reconnecting with my Akash. I will revisit this often for deeper exploration. The contrast between heavy & light felt illuminating. I am content with simply BE-ing. ūüĆłAloha, thank you, Mele’ha & Star Mothers!

Diane Faist on "Lesson 2"