Creating Sacred Relationships 

What did the Pleiadians teach about Sacred Sexuality? 

Until now the most widely known information about sacred sexuality came from the Hindu teachings of Tantric Yoga or Tantric sex. This is a 5,000-year-old practice meaning ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It is said to increase intimacy by creating a mind-body connection that can lead to powerful orgasms. Sound good? Sure! But there is so much more.

The Pleiadian teachings on Sacred Sexuality pre-dates the Tantric teachings by at least 25,000 years and incorporated a deeper exploration of Sacred Sexuality and the connection to Source energy. 

Within the sacred space of this seminar, we offer

  • Deeper openness with the Source Energy within yourself, your partners
  • An opportunity to bring light to the shadows of old programming and non-honoring sexual experiences of the past
  • Time to align your thinking and feelings about sacred sex through journal exercises, heart meditations, and the guidance of relevant  and supportive channels from the Pleiadian Star Mothers
  • A format for you to be curious, joyful, vulnerable, honored, and sacred as you open the door to your timeless kundalini!

The deep joy of Source Energy


The Pleiadian Star Mother’s original teachings are of humanity's spiritual meld with Pleiadian DNA, to create our Lemurian Akash, and awaken the mystical power and beauty of the Sacred Feminine.

Why Sacred Sexuality?

The Pleiadian Star Mothers came to this planet, specifically Lemuria, to create a “pressure cooker” of spirituality, birthing a new humanity that was divine. Sacred Sexuality was the name of this special pro-creation. Each joining was sacred, as each Star Mother's egg was fertilized spiritually and purposefully to create a child of the New Humanity. Each Star Mother, and then generations of their children, continued to honor the process of joining together sexually and spiritually.

Feminine Joy

Women are designed to reproduce the joy of source energy, and the gift of sacred creation that lives inside your bellies, wombs and your Pleiadian DNA. Together we can take deep, vulnerable, and honoring dives into the portal of conscious sexual energy, awareness, and creative fire.

Lemurian Sacred Sexuality is not endurance or performance-based, but in honoring the heart of the human/spiritual experience.  As women connecting to the Divine Life Source through your womb and your moon cycle (at any age!), you are open to experiencing the extra-ordinary wave of pro-creation in all things.

Rise like the Phoenix!

Integrate this information and sacred experience and develop a new appreciation for your sexuality, creativity, and spirituality. Uncover the deeper truth beneath the layers of old programming and rise like a phoenix to celebrate your gender and your spiritual sexuality, powered by the Star Mother’s spirit of kundalini!

My very special guest, to balance our program and include the Divine Masculine, is Shamir Ladhani, who has presented with me (with Kryon and other programs) over the years in the US and Europe. He brings the experience and expertise of a heart-based perspective of the sacred masculine to our Circle.

Transform Your Relationships

Lemurian Sacred Relationships

Pleiadian Teachings for the New Consciousness


Begin to Create Your Own Sacred Relationsihps

Creating Sacred Relationships for Women


There are widely known Hindu teachings of Tantric Yoga or Tantric sex, a 5,000-year-old practice meaning ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’, said to increase intimacy by creating a mind-body connection. Sound good? Yes, and there is so much more to sacred relationships.

The Pleiadian teachings on Sacred Relationships pre-dates the Tantric teachings by at least 25,000 years. Here, sacred relationships and sacred sexuality are incorporated into a deeply spiritual, emotional and physical exploration for women, taught by the Pleiadian Star Mothers.

Available in Czech, English, French, and Spanish


Creating Sacred Relationships for Men and Women


During the four-class transformation program, that is aimed at tapping into the power of your sexual/creative energy, you will begin to:

  • Develop a healthier, freer and more joyous sexual attitude
  • Cultivate a deeper connection with every part of your sacred Self and others (friends and partners))
  • Discover a feeling of true 'presence' where your connection with another is ecstatic!Direct your creative life-force energies - your Kundalini Shakti

Available in Czech, English, and French

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