The Wisdom Teachings of the Star Mothers are yours!

Prepare yourself for the deep and dynamic teachings of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel through the 12 Foundational Classes, an evolutionary course that offers a unique and powerful approach to deeply personal spiritual transformation.

I'm Ready to Find My Calling

Our souls were called into being for an intensive creation of the New Humanity.

The 12 Foundational Classes were given to me, Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf, over the course of one year, as preparation for the deep and dynamic teachings of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. My Lemurian Akash was rocked awake continuously as I channeled the Star Mother’s wisdom teachings for each of the unique Foundational Classes.

Woman of Lemuria, you come from the ancient, sacred lineage of the Pleiadian Star Mothers

The Pleiadians Star Mothers have been communicating with humans for many thousands of years. These ascended beings came here to support humanity's spiritual evolution. They impart their ancient wisdom to help create the New Lemuria through us, the Old Soul divine humans.

Being called to Shamanic union is a time-honored sacred responsibility. If you feel a resonance, we are ready to help nurture that connection.

Are you ready to venture deep into the world of the ShaWoman’s wisdom?



The 12 Foundational Classes are the Star Mother’s wisdom teachings that are crucial for your preparation for the deep and dynamic teachings of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. 

Those who answer the call will receive 12 essential spiritual lessons about the Shamanic Teaching Wheel and Lemuria: step-by-step practical tools, delivered through self-paced presentations, and training organized by the experienced educator and Last Priestess of Lemuria, Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf.


Discover how to...

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Explore the physical and metaphysical concepts of Lemuria, the Pleiadian Star Mothers, and the teachings of Kryon and develop a profound comprehension of your environment and your own psyche.

Release the vestiges of your painful past and awaken to your sacred power and wisdom. 

When you listen to your heart, your intuition, and your Lemurian soul, you recognize the magnificent being that you are!

Go on Your Personal Spiritual Journey

Connect with your inner self and access your spiritual power through guided meditations and activations. Expert guidance would be provided by Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Ph.D., an internationally known channel of the Pleiadian Star Mothers.

The Star Mothers' Wisdom Teachings

The lessons in this course are listed below. Meditate on each lesson, seeking the Foundational Class that aligns with your true purpose. Every lesson has its individual significance, yet they also harmonize and enhance on another.

Gratitude and Magical Creations

Create the future of your dreams by harnessing the power of gratitude and manifestation.

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Fire Chakra Activation

Clear the pathway for the rising energy that can heal you gently, lovingly, and purposefully from the inside out through the Kundalini Fire Ceremony.

Purchase Class $27

Living as a Sacred Violet Flame

In the powerful Initiation, the Pleiadian Star Mothers offer an ancient, yet ageless, method of embodying self-healing with the Violet Flame.

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Open Your Akashic Gateway

The Star Mother's DNA Star Body Activation given to delve into the divine 'stars that you are' as children of Pleiades.

Purchase Class $27

Activate Your Pleiadian Multi-Dimensional DNA

Open this profound portal of information in this activation cycle as you begin a sacred connection to the Lemurian Teaching Wheel and the Shamanic Teaching Wheel.

Purchase Class $27

Become a Human Crystal

The Akashic Record Crystal is alive within you. Activate the wisdom and remembrance that is ready to be revealed to you, the crystalline human!

Purchase Class $27

Full Moon of the ShaWoman's Cave

Journey into the Cave of Creation and discover your ancient and potent ShaWoman wisdom andknowledge.

Purchase Class $27

5th Dimensional ShaWoman

Create your luminous 5D body, and reawaken the power and memories of your Lemurian Akash and lifetimes. This vibrational knowledge is ready for you to use today!

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Women of the 13 Moons

No matter what your age or where on the Earth you live, the moon influences you. Dive into how and why you can harmonize your life with the mystical cycles of the Moon.

Purchase Class $27

Leading from the Heart of the ShaWoman

Lead your way from a Shamanic heart, and open yourself  to the flow of love love, guidance and wisdom. Love your day, your work, your people, your community.

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Living Balance for Every ShaWoman

The timing is always perfect when we remember that spirit is benevolent and has the perfect plan for us.

Purchase Class $27

Healing the Wounded Maiden

Young women are culturally programmed with shame and limitations. Let's explore, heal, reprogram, and reclaim your original maiden foundation into joyful womanhood; the maiden archetype.

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Meet Your Mentor

Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Ph.D. is an internationally known teacher, facilitator, author, recording artist, healing intuitive, and the ©original channel of the Pleiadian Star Mothers. She is an International Kryon team member and a 20-year presenting partner of Lee Carroll.

By accessing her awakened Lemurian Akash, Amber Mele'ha has created the growing community of the Lemurian Sisterhood with seminars online and in-person around the world.

Given the Lemurian name Mele‚Äôha by Kryon in 2014, she continues to receive ‚Äėsacred assignments‚Äô and directions from the Pleiadian Star Mothers and Kryon. Most recently these divine directions have led to the creation of the Lemurian Shamanism School and specifically the Shamanic Teaching Wheel, and the Dragons of Mu course. She created a school for ShaWomen, not the general public, because women are the ones who have the tools, the ability, and intuition to absorb and use it; practical Shamanism, as taught by Mele‚Äôha.

Dr. Amber has been committed to transformational healing, spiritual growth, and holistic health care and education since 1982. Her mission and her passion is to assist and mentor you in your journey of personal empowerment and spiritual transformation.


…truly life-changing

The 12 Foundational Classes were truly life-changing for me. Through the guided meditations and ceremonies, I was able to connect with a higher level of consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of my spiritual path. The support and guidance of the teachers and community were invaluable, and I continue to use the practices I learned in my daily life.

Sarah L.

…took me to a whole new level

I had always been interested in spiritual growth, but the 12 Foundational Classes took my understanding to a whole new level. The concepts and practices were presented in a way that was easy to understand and apply, and the support of the community helped me to stay motivated and inspired throughout the journey.

Maya K.


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