Calendar for 2024


Reiki the World

July 20 @ 12:00 PM PT

We are humming with excitement in preparation for the sacred assignment, Reiki the World, an event on July 20, 12 pm PT. We will be connecting thousands of Reiki practitioners, teachers and interested souls throughout the world for intentional, focused global healing.  Find out more about Reiki the World here, and on Facebook Reiki the World Community,  a sacred space for Reiki practitioners, teachers, healers and those wanting to learn about Reiki and this uplifting event!

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Dragons of Mu Live Lesson

July 22 @ 5:00 PM PT

Dragons of Mu Course Registrants Only.

Are you ready to explore the magic and mysteries of the DRAGONS OF MU? Yes! As planetary energy escalates, it is time for a convergence of like-minded souls who are open to Dragon determination and resilience. Dragon are not forgotten in the mystical and mystery, but here with timely wisdom teachings, joining the Pleiadian Star Mothers and Amber Mele'ha as your mentors and guides.

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STW Community Sacred Circle

August 15 @ 5:00 PM PT

Shamanic Teaching Wheel Members Only.

Enter a sacred space for exploring the intricate tapestry of the recent Shamanic Teaching Wheel lessons. Each meeting highlights the beautiful and empowering wisdom teachings of Pleiadian Star Mothers and Mele'ha, as you join in the inspired sharing and uplifting conversations in the presence of supportive Sisterhood and ShaWomen.

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Summoning the Dragons

Mount Shasta Retreat

September 19 - 22

Mele'ha and Mount Shasta! Are you prepared for the journey of a lifetime to the mystical Mount Shasta? Join other Women of Lemuria as we Summon the Dragons from the Mountain alongside the magnificent Pleiadian Star Mothers. Your ancient soul DNA is there, yearning to connect with you!

Known by the local indigenous as "the Mountain of many legends," spiritual seekers have been called to the Mount Shasta vortex for millenia. We offer you this opportunity to embrace your place of deep transformation and spiritual renewal, with Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf and her Team.

Let us guide you to feel the blessings of mystical places on the Mountain as you commune with the Dragons, Telos, and Star Mothers. We'll explore the ancient waters originating deep within the Mountain's heart, and visit several sacred points of magically charged energy.

Active Shamanic Teaching Members receive 10% off.

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The wisdom, the energy, and the sheer magic are still within your reach. Join Us in Reliving the Magic!