Lemurian Sisterhood®

What is the Lemurian Sisterhood?

The Lemurian Sisterhood is a sacred invitation to rekindle your ancient Lemurian Akash, your Pleiadian DNA, and to reawaken your core divine feminine essence. Journey with us, back to the days of Lemuria, where we came together for healing, rejuvenation, and community – a time when women were honored as an integral part of a spiritually aware society and a time when the women were the Shaman and the holders of the Spiritual Wisdom. In Sacred Circles, you will be welcomed into the Lemurian Sisterhood with Dr. Amber Mele’ha Wolf, the last Priestess of Lemuria.

Within the Sacred Circle, we access the ancient wisdom connection to our Lemurian ancestors and Pleiadian Star Mother teachers. We lived together as healers, priestesses, and empowered women 26,000 years ago. This integral role, held by the Lemurian women, created balance with the divine masculine – the Lemurian men – and ensured continuing peace and harmony for thousands of years. Today’s Lemurian Sisterhood brings back those ancient teachings for the modern woman, for modern times. Amber Mele’ha brings the Star Mothers (her Pleiadian teachers) through her channels to each group.

“The original Lemurian Sisterhood was practiced within all parts of ancient Lemuria, both the mother mountain and the descendant islands and mainland settlements. It lasted far past the ‘akashic growth centuries’ and continued to spread around the earth until it was all but forgotten due to survival attributes and the beginning of the conquering eras of your history.

It outlasted the ‘exclusive expression’ attributes of the original Lemuria and made it into some of the most secret societies all over the Earth. It was renamed and even denied by those women who kept it dear, but eventually, the Priestesses themselves perished due to the unbalance that was rolling over Humanity. But it never left the Akash of the old soul. Like the whispers of a past love, it was always ready to re-emerge and rekindle itself with the fire of compassion for all of Humanity.

The marker has been passed (12.21.2012), and the new calendars are being prepared. It’s now time to remember and resurrect the sacred balancing methods of the past and push them into the future. Priestesses, arise.”

 Kryon June 2013


About Dr. Amber Wolf

Amber Wolf, Ph.D. is the creator and facilitator of the Lemurian Sisterhood Seminars, Sacred Circles, and Worldwide Sacred Circle Hosting Program. Her sacred assignment is to help awaken all women to the core Lemurian seeds within their DNA. Her own Akashic Awakening occurred on 9/9/11. On 10/10/11 she received a strong recommendation from Lee Carroll to re-create the ancient sacred Lemurian ceremonies. The first Lemurian Sisterhood Seminar made its debut appearance on 11/11/11 in Argentina, South America.

Amber Mele’ha ( her Lemurian Priestess name as told by Kryon) continues to receive and channel information and guidance through her ongoing connection to the Pleiadian Star Mothers, most recently the Star Mother’s Wisdom Teachings. Each initiation and activation she receives helps her steward the evolution of the Lemurian Sisterhood, bridging ancient wisdom with modern knowledge. Dr. Amber Wolf carries the loving message of the Lemurian Sisterhood to women throughout the world, creates online meetings, and travels to where ever she is called to offer these seminars in love and service.