Lemurian Activation Codes – English


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Activation I:

The Original Awakening

Activation II:

The Etheric Body

Activation III:

The Power of Dreamtime

Activation IV:

Living as True Wisdom Keepers

Activation V:

Global Consciousness Reset and Shamanic Teaching Wheel

Activation VI:

Remembering Your Pleiadian Song Line

Activation I: The Original Awakening

Before you Begin: 

The Star Mothers are quite clear on this first point: use YOUR cards for YOU only, and anyone in your family that you share DNA with! Your cards are for you personally and resonate with your cells, genetic code, and DNA frequency.

You only need to do Activation I once. After that, you can move on to Activations II, III, IV, V, and VI. Please always allow PLENTY of integration time between each Activation. Use your Activated Inner Guidance to determine when the right time is for the next Activation, and not your mind’s need for more and more. This is a Sacred Journey - the journey of a lifetime, so please honor each step fully.


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Directions from the Star Mothers:

We set forth this system using the Lemurian Codes for Activation and Healing cards to stimulate the Lemurian Akashic remembrance of the user, generate awakening of spiritual remembrance, and recreate the dormant connection to your Divinity. Use the Lemurian Codes for Activation and Healing cards as a Sacred Ceremony, i.e. find a comfortable and quiet space to lie down, close your eyes and take a few centering breaths, relaxing your body and mind. Speak your intention for activation and healing out loud, three times. You may want to light a candle, use a crystal, beautiful flower or simply some water to help you focus and delve into your intention for Activation and Healing. Remember, dear Shining Ones, we are with you.” Pleiadian Star Mothers

Activation I is done using all 11 cards. Sit up with your legs stretched out in front of you. Begin with Card 11 or Star Center 11; read it and place it on the ground between your feet. Lie back and read the Star Center 1 card, then place it on your first chakra (Star Center1) or the public bone area. Continue reading and placing each card this way, on the body’s energy points (also known as chakras). The writing on the card always faces the body. When all 11 cards are placed, reconnect your awareness to Star Center 11 again; always beginning and ending with Star Center 11.  

Leave the cards in place for 11 minutes while you relax and recall (or speak out loud) your intention for Activation and healing. Invite and allow the energy of your genetic code to be awakened. This is not a mental process, so just relax and let it happen, and know that the Spirits of the Pleiadian Star Mothers are within you and working with you.


Removing the Cards:

After 11 minutes, if you are doing your own Activation, place Card 9 in your left had with Card 10. You will collect all of the Cards in your left hand.  Ask the energy of the Cards to invite you to touch them lightly, or let your hand hover over the first card until it tells you it is ready to be removed. Bring your right hand to the Star Center 1 card. Repeat this with each of the cards, until you have all the cards (but 11) in your left hand.  Then sit up and complete with picking up card 11. Place all the cards together in your hands, and bring them to the center of your body, or heart – wherever feels right for you, giving thanks for this profound, deeply loving and awakening potential. Let them rest with you in gratitude until you feel complete.

Activation II: The Etheric Body

Now that you have done Activation I, you have worked directly on the centers of the physical body, where the first level of the Codes are stored. In Activation II you have addressed the etheric body, where the vibrations of the Codes live.

You will read ALL of the cards every day for 11 days, including reading Card 11 twice; once at the beginning and once at the end.

You will focus on the Card of the Day each day, as you go through 1-11. Each day that you read all 11 cards there will be a daily deeper connection for you, with the Star Center of the day. For example, on Day One, Star Center 1 is the ‘card of the day.’ On Day Two, after you read every card, Star Center 2 is your daily deeper connection for that day, and so on.

Display the Card of the Day where you can see it from time to time, with the image facing out. This way, your subconscious mind continues to connect with that Card to bring the message, the meaning and the Activation deeper within you.

Activation III: The Power of Dreamtime

In Activation III you will be tapping into the field of your unconscious mind and deep Akashic memories, through your Dreamtime – your Inner Visioning, to activate and awaken level III of the Lemurian Codes.

After the first 2 Activations, the Star Mothers (along with your Activated Guidance) may become familiar friends to you, communicating with your consciousness in new and benevolent ways; isn’t this a wonderful gift?

Activation III  is done at night, right before sleeping. Have a journal or paper near you for recording your dreams/impressions during the night or upon waking. If you wish to more deeply remember what you hear or see in your Dreamtime time, move as little as possible before you start writing.

Begin the Activation as with the other 2, by giving your present, positive and powerful Intention for Activation to the Star Mothers, and hold that in the crucible of your heart. Write down your Intention. Say it 3 times, either silently or out loud, taking a deep breath between each statement of Intention.

Right before sleep, you will begin with Star Center 11. Ready the Card out loud, in the first person, then either place the card under your pillow or facing to you on a bedside table, with the image side facing you.

Before you fall asleep, repeat your Intention to the Star Mothers 3 more times, with 3 breaths. If you awaken in the night, or as soon as you awaken in the morning, before you move and with your eyes closed, take 3 deep soft breaths and remember. Then, with as little movement as possible, write down your memories, or whatever your Inner Vision is telling you, in that moment. Then repeat your Intention 3 times and begin your day. You will have a new Intention each day, with each card.

*If you are not seeing or hearing anything, or don’t have any memories from the night, know that the Codes are working more deeply than your mind (not your consciousness) can connect to. Repeat your Intention to the Star Mothers 3 times,(including a deep breath between each one) and begin your day.

The next night use Star Center 1 for your Activation and repeat the process, stating your Intention to the Star Mothers 3 times, the breath between, and writing down your Intention in your journal. Place the Card for the night. Do this until you have gone through all of the Cards, beginning and ending with the Star Center 11. On the twelfth night, put all the Cards together, with Star Center 11 facing you, or under your pillow (in their bag), or next to you, and allow their combined powerful sacredness to resonate with your Lemurian Akash.

If you can, do this Activation each night, for 12 nights. Please listen to your Activated Guidance when it comes to the best way for you to work with the Star Mothers in this and any Activation. They are here in service to us all, just as they were in Lemuria. Indeed, they haven’t left, but have been waiting for the numbers of Old Souls who are awaking to their sacredness to create a community energetic for conscious Ascension.

Activation IV: Living as True Wisdom Keepers

The gift of Activating and reawakening your Lemurian Codes is to remember and to live the ancient wisdom of the Pleiadian Star Mothers that is inside you today; “ancient wisdom for modern times.”

Activation IV takes you deeper into LIVING as TRUE WISDOM KEEPERS of your Akashic legacy and your direct lineage to the Pleiadian Star Mothers. The Star Mothers tell me that they are especially present as energy guides during the Activations. Let this be a sweet time of communion – your time to receive another of their gifts.

For this Activation, you will be leaving the Cards in the bag. Along with the positioning of the Cards, there is also a declaration that you repeat 3 times when the Cards are placed at each Star Center and a breath of integration 3 times after each placement.

 The Declaration:

Before you place the Cards, formulate a declaration that is your intention and recognition of receiving this profound and deeper Activation from your Star Mothers. For example, “I honor the ancient Akashic legacy of my soul. The loving wisdom of the Star Mothers now lives through me.” You will repeat your declaration 3 times at each Star Center.


The Breath of Integration:

Breathe softly, deeply and fully 3 times after saying your declaration.


Positioning of the Cards:

Take the Instruction Booklet out of the bag and set the booklet aside. Sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you, place the bag on the ground by your feet. Recall your declaration, then repeat it slowly 3 times. After you have repeated this 3 times, take 3 long, slow deep breaths and enjoy the moment of stillness, magic, connection, and integration.

Relax and allow your awakened connection to the Star Mothers to radiate from out from each Star Center. With each breath, let your declaration echo throughout your entire Being.

When you are ready, lie back and place the bag on the Star Center 1 position (at the pubic bone). Repeat your declaration 3 times, then take another 3 full deep breaths and relax into the stillness of integration again. Take all the time you need.

Then when you feel ready, move the entire bag of Cards to Star Center 2 and repeat the declaration 3 times, the breathing 3 times, and your relaxation/integration time. Continue through each Star Center, placing the bag with all the Cards as you repeat your declaration 3 times and the breathing 3 times between each Star Center. Continue to perform this Activation with prayerful reverence.

After Star Center 10, your Activation is complete. You can hold the bag at your heart for as long as you feel moved to, enjoying the deep stillness and profound integration that you have entered.

When you are ready to re-enter your 3D world (as a different person!) sit up slowly. Know that you are a Living Wisdom Keeper of the Activated Lemurian Codes. This powerful and beautiful connection is your Akashic lineage, passed through me, Mele’ha, and your ancestral parents the Pleiadian Star Mothers.

Activation V: Global Consciousness Reset and Shamanic Teaching Wheel

From the Star Mothers:

“Dear Shining Ones, you have come at a time to bring the consciousness of the Planet into a new awareness. Today you create a circle, a wheel, a portal with the cards. This is the beginning of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. Bring this portal to the center of your home, to the Earth, to the light.

It will be the women of Lemuria who create the portal of transformation of the Global Consciousness. This is a seed that will need your nurturing and your focus. Each time that you create this portal, WE step in and anchor more Star Mother Energy to the Planet. This is no small thing. From this portal/wheel we will speak, sing and celebrate with you the furthering of a New Humanity.” — Star Mothers


General Understanding:

The original three portals were created during the Spring Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) March 20, 21, 22, 2020. Whatever date you begin Activation 5, you will be creating 3 portal/wheels, 3 days in a row, reading all the cards each time. You will be placing 6 sacred objects inside the card portal/wheel, then holding space, meditating and calling in the Star Mothers for 11 minutes. The Star Mothers ask that after the 3 initial portals/wheels, that you create a new portal each New Moon for 11 moons. Start wherever you are and create your portals/wheels for the next 11 New Moons. You can begin at any time. Remember that you are connecting to your own Akashic memory as you do.

There is a filament of light energy connecting to the many other card portals/wheels around the world. Each one is a part of the Global Consciousness Reset because it takes the community to create and guide the change. Each time you recreate a portal/wheel you come into more heart connection and coherence and your immune system gets a reset, a healing.

“Mele’ha, we wish to remind you that exactly 3 years ago the first kernel of awareness to create the Lemurian Codes began to wake-up inside of you. Now thousands of these Codes in many languages are all across the planet. Each one who responds to these Codes are also waking up to their Lemurian Akashic remembrance. You gave yourself to us over 10 years ago; you said, “use this life in service” and we have listened to you. We have given you these Codes to birth into the world, to shepherd them as we continue to offer the Akashic significance for all – this is your legacy. We ask each one called to continue focusing on and expanding the Shamanic Teaching Wheel, as its significance and elements are revealed.” — Star Mothers


Activation V:

You will need your Lemurian Codes cards, and 6 other objects to create your portal/wheel. The objects represent the elements of Earth, water, air, fire, culture (to be the spokes of the wheel), and Source/Self at the hub of the wheel. *Culture is who you are as a being/person now. This could represent the gifts you bring to the world, or who you have become up to this moment – perhaps it’s parenthood, a healer, a good friend, a supporter of light-working, a musician, a gardener, etc.

Begin with a space large enough to create a circle with the Lemurian Codes cards. Hold your strong intention for a Global Consciousness Reset and your Akashic connection to the Shamanic Teaching Wheel. Place the Star Center 11 card at the bottom of the circle, then form a clockwise circle with the rest of the cards, going to the left from 1-10.

Once the cards are in a circle, it is time to place your representations of the 5 elements and Self/Source at the hub. Take a moment to hold and connect to each element of the Shamanic Teaching Wheel: Earth, air, fire, water, culture. Place each object around the inside of the circle, finishing with the hub of the wheel, your Self and Source.

Take a breath and let the energy connect to itself as a Sacred Circle. This is a sacred ceremony, so take as much time as you need to just be with the energy of the cards and the Star Mothers. Then begin reading each card out loud, and in the first person. Take a breath of integration after you read each card.

When you have read all the cards, beginning and ending with Star Center 11, sit for 11 minutes inviting the Star Mother energy to be with you, connecting to your portal/wheel. Feel the special gratitude and grace we have been given to be alive at this time, ushering in the New Humanity.

On days 2 and 3 repeat the building of the portal/wheel. The power of the Activation is in resetting your intention and portal/wheel each day for 3 days, reading the cards, and connecting to the Star Mothers for 11 minutes. We are Blessed and we are Sacred Ones.

Activation VI: Remembering Your Pleiadian Song Line

*Activation VI was added Oct. 3 at 3:33 am PDT. The Star Mothers showed me a person lying down with the 11 cards on the Star Centers (as in Activation I), except that the words are facing out and the art is facing the body – this is a first!

To do the Activation, read each card out loud, 11 first, then 1-10 and 11 again, placing each card on its corresponding Star Center after reading it, with the words facing out (and the art facing the body). This way they send a signal to the Pleiades. Once all of the cards are read and in place, ask out loud, “I want to know my Song Line –I want to remember, I am ready.” Repeat this 3 times.

Once you have read, placed the cards, and called to the Star Mothers for you Pleiadian Song Line, leave the cards in place for 11 minutes while listening to the Pineal Tones music, if possible. Listen for your song; it may bubble up to the surface right away, or it may unfold over time… be patient and know this beautiful song is yours and has been with you for at least 26,000 years! Remove the cards as in Activation I.


How You Received Your Original Pleiadian Song Line

When the Pleiadian Star Mothers had set the grid on Earth for bringing spiritual consciousness to humanity, and when the time was right in Lemuria, the Song Lines went out. Each Song Line was an invitation from a Star Mother into the cosmos to a soul essence existing there as pure Source energy. The soul would resonate with a specific song, as though they had been waiting for an eternity to hear it. To the soul, this was like hearing a beautiful love song, composed by love and sung only to you. As the soul resonated with this music, it would ride the vibrational wave to the Earth, to the body of a Star Mother, and into the moment of conception; a time when the Universe celebrated the arrival of a new consciousness Being to the planet that would bring another possibility to the collective ascension plan.

The song became a vibrational signature for the future of each divine/human. For the first six months in utero, the song was about physical creation – the growth of the child’s physical body within the mother. In the last three months, the song became the Star Mother’s teachings of the divine/human’s potential. When the birth came, the Pleiadian/Lemurian child was sung into the physical world by the Lemurian women around them who already knew their song. The child was called from the mother’s womb by the welcoming song of their potentials on Earth. They were joyously greeted by the midwives and the mothers as a new divine/human who would add their Lemurian Akash to the template of a new humanity. Each child was known to the community by their unique Song Line, and that became their name. *as time went on, not all children were birthed by Star Mothers, but by those women who had a Lemurian Akash, and each child had a Song Line.

What happened to our Song Line? Sometimes there can be a break in the Song Line brought about by lifetimes social conditioning or trauma, and the divine/human forgets the nature of their perfection and potential as seen through the eyes and heart of the One Source. The good news is, these breaks can be healed, and you can reconnect to your Song Line once again. As souls who had a lifetime in Lemurian, the template for our original Song Line is still within us. It exists in the quantum layer of our DNA and the Pleiadian chromosomes that we have carried multidimensionally throughout our many incarnations.

Our Song Lines have been sleeping, dormant until the time for the reawakening of humanity – ready to arise once again, and that time is now! There are parts of our original Song Line contained in many indigenous languages and in Hawaiian chanting. Mostly closely in sound and meaning to our original Song Lines are the Pineal Tones, brought forth by Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (Yawee). The Pineal Tones have a beautiful history that is entwined with the Star Mothers and the activation of the Nodes and Nulls of the Earth. Their activation supports the awakening of old souls on the planet. Now is a time for a grand, harmonious concert for all of humanity!

The Star Mothers have indicated that one way to help reawaken the Lemurian Akashic memory of your Song Line is by listening to the Pineal Tones, also, along with using the Lemurian Activation Codes (Activation VI). CLICK BELOW for the special tones given by Dr. Todd for this Activation.

Pineal Tones by Dr. Todd