Time Traveler's Diary

Time traveling: what message would you tell yourself.

Yesterday I found an old journal with an entry from 1980, imagine? Pre-internet, and I had saved a newspaper clipping in it! The date made me think, "Who was I then?" I spent a few minutes back there, remembering.

When we imagine or envision our past or past lives, whether it's our childhood, 20 years ago, in Lemuria, Egypt, or another star system, would you call that time traveling? I like to think so.

If we take that magical journey into our soul's history, we do time travel. Our Akashic record template is always there, waiting for us to explore its many powerful potentials. Imagine all those lifetimes of healing, knowledge, ceremony, and celebration, waiting for us to dig into them!

Remembering the good things from our past can be a valuable and uplifting exercise that can improve our mood, increase our sense of well-being, and help us appreciate the positive experiences we've had in our lives. Focusing on positive memories can also help counterbalance negative feelings and regrets we may have about the past.

There are many different ways to remember the good things from our past, including:

  1. Making a gratitude list: Write down the things you are grateful for in your life, including positive experiences from your past.
  2. Looking at old photos or mementos: Looking at old photos or keepsakes can bring back happy memories and remind us of the positive experiences we've had.
  3. Sharing stories with loved ones: Sharing stories about positive experiences with family or friends can help reinforce positive memories and build stronger connections with others.
  4. Engaging in activities that evoke positive memories: Activities like listening to music from your past, watching old movies, or revisiting a favorite childhood spot can bring back positive memories and feelings.
  5. Practicing mindfulness: Taking time to appreciate the present moment can also help us appreciate positive experiences from our past and foster a sense of gratitude and contentment in the present.

By actively focusing on positive memories and experiences from our past, we can improve our mood and overall sense of well-being, while also gaining a greater appreciation for the positive aspects of our lives.

The concept of time travel is often associated with theories in physics, such as Einstein's theory of relativity, which suggests that time can be relative depending on one's position in space. However, the idea of time travel raises many paradoxes and logical inconsistencies, such as the grandfather paradox, which posits that if one were to travel back in time and kill their own grandfather, one would never have been born in the first place... interesting, but doesn't take in quantum physics!

The idea of past lives suggests that the experiences and actions of previous lifetimes can influence an individual's current life and that they may have karmic debts or rewards to work through in order to achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment. Karma is still widely believed, but we can have something more, we can believe that the here and now is where we make a difference in our life.

Most of us (reading this) believe in the concept of past lives based on personal experiences and feelings, while many have explored the idea through practices such as past life regression therapy or the understanding of our spiritual teachings. However, the concept of past lives is most accepted by mainstream folks - good thing we see a difference!

Perhaps now is a good time to take a few moments to delve into an instructive download from you from your past… what’s in your time travel diary? I’m delighted to be traveling with you! Amber Mele’ha