The Path of Most Resistance
Here I am... my mouth open again! I look intent, so hopefully I'm engaging the folks around me. This is my happy place! What I am teaching comes from my own experience and integration of what I've learned... like this newsletter. Sometimes that mouth says an automatic "No!" My double Taurean bull horns are down in resistance! 
The Path of Resistance
Is our resistance ever a good thing?  For so long I didn't realize that my default reaction in most situations was 'no.' Now at least I know I do that! From there I went into feeling guilty that I don't give things a chance, thinking that my emotional resistance was fear-based and negative. 
The "H" Word
What if in the time we are resisting, we see it as pausing, where we can gently and patiently make discoveries that help soften our attitude? By taking our time to understand and honor our process, while admitting our resistance, unexpected possibilities can unfold! Resistance can be a time of consideration, giving us a pause to examine, dig deeper, take a breath, and ask questions.
Namaste, Spirit!

Thank you for the reminder, dear Universe. It's important to approach our journey of self-discovery and growth with kindness and understanding. We all have our own unique paths and experiences, and sometimes that involves unlearning old patterns and healing past wounds.

The Winding Road

Recognizing that we are on a journey of reconnection with our divine essence can be empowering. It allows us to approach our growth with self-compassion and patience. In this process, it's crucial to be gentle with ourselves. Growth and transformation can be challenging, and it's okay to make mistakes or face setbacks along the way. Cultivating self-compassion allows us to embrace our vulnerabilities and learn from them. By nurturing ourselves with kindness, we create a nurturing environment for our own healing and growth.

What We Don't Know
Unlearning ingrained patterns and healing past pains can be a transformative process that requires patience, self-acceptance, and self-care. It's crucial to give ourselves permission to make mistakes, to learn from them, and to grow at our own pace. Embracing the journey of unlearning and reconnecting with our spiritual essence can bring profound inner transformation and a deepening of our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 
Old Soul School
Yes, indeed, now is a good time to remember that we are in Old Soul School. Embracing the concept of being in an "Old Soul School" reminds us that we are constantly evolving and seeking to expand our understanding and consciousness. We are here this time to unlearn the patterns and pains of many lifetimes. There is no shame in that! You are a precious Being who is re-learning your divine connection! While you are in the expansion process, please be gentle!
From my softening heart to yours ~ Amber Mele'ha