The Good Witch Next Door

and owl symbolizing the good witch next door

You never know what you will be getting when a new neighbor moves in next door. I've been blessed to not have neighbors on either side of me in my casita townhome for the past two years. When the place next door sold, I said a prayer to the Goddess to bring me lovely neighbors. 


At first, the new owner showed up but had bought the place for a friend to live in. Turns out he was almost never there... prayer answered!! But then, the new owner hired a rental company, and I recalled my prayer and added an extra boost for good measure... you never know. (smile)


I met the new tenant, a young man. I was being my friendly self and told him that I appreciated what a quiet neighborhood this is (hint, hint), and didn't see him again for a week. Turns out he's a mechanic on Black Hawk helicopters at the Airforce Base near here. That's some yang for my yin!


Some days later I was holding an online meeting - a live stream for the Equinox celebration. I do that in my dining room as it's a casual setting and a change from my studio. I had just finished my online meeting when he rang the doorbell at the same time I was hitting my Tibetan bowl - coincidence? It was an interesting little symphony. I answered while I was removing my lapel microphone and in full dress and makeup to meet David.


I invited him in to see my recording set up. The dining room table was covered with crystals, flowers, and candles, and his eyes got wide when he saw them. He turned to me with an incredulous look, and said, "Geez, I live next door to the good witch!" It was quite the icebreaker! He was fascinated and a little wary - who could blame him?


We never know whom Spirit will bring to our door... in every sense of the word, but we always have an opportunity to treat the unexpected guest as a friend. Who knows where that will go? This is a question that has a built-in request for a trust exercise, which isn't always my favorite thing, but I appreciate that they help me stretch my boundaries (read get out of my comfort zone) and see what else life will throw my way!


Isn't there always a saying? Mine for this moment is 'life is what you make it,' just like neighbors and luck, we make our own good times, good friends, and opportunities. It's a bigger world with more points of pain and challenges than we could ever have imagined. The juicy part is seeing the bigger picture and knowing that we are little specks in the Universe, but we all have a grand purpose, also.

In love and possibilities, Amber Mele'ha