Spiritual Stem Cells

Navigating Energetic Shifts

There are certainly times when I find myself in different energetics, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel myself imitating a souffle to a pancake and back again. Patience isn't always the go-to reaction for me, but I've literally said my prayers and shift the energy.

And then there are the Dragons! As I've been bringing through the Dragon energy for the community of Women of Lemuria, I've landed on the beautiful intertwining of Kundalini, Shakti, Phoenix Rising, and Dragon energy. With that amalgamation, anything is possible!

Learning to listen to the pauses or lulls between creating, I've come to understand that there is true value in the space between. It's a reset point, a time of clarification, and a time to step back.

Navigating Inner Energy Dynamics

In the dance of life, there are moments when our inner energies transform as dramatically as a soufflé rising in the oven, only to fall like a pancake moments later. This dynamic shift in our physical, emotional, and spiritual states can be bewildering. Yet, it is within these fluctuating energetics can give us profound opportunities for growth and transformation.

At many of these times, patience does not come to me easily. However, it is in these very moments that I have found solace in prayer and energy shifts—tools that allow me to navigate the unpredictable waters of life with grace, and hopefully ease.

Delving into Dragon Energy

And then, there are the Dragons! In my journey with the community of Women of Lemuria, I have delved deep into the mystical world of Dragon energy. This exploration is not just about summoning mythical creatures from lore, but about tapping into a potent metaphor for personal power and transformation. Dragons, in many cultures, symbolize strength, wisdom, and the power to transcend ordinary existence. The Dragons of Mu are energy that we can embody, as we are already carrying Lemurian DNA.

The integration of Dragon energy alongside Kundalini, Shakti, and the mythic Phoenix Rising presents a captivating synergy. Kundalini and Shakti, concepts drawn from ancient yogic traditions, represent the awakening and harnessing of divine feminine energy. Phoenix Rising evokes the theme of rebirth and renewal. When these energies intertwine with that of the Dragon, a powerful alchemy occurs. This fusion is not just transformative; it makes anything possible.

Honoring Silence and Seasonal Cycles

Within the Dragon of Mu teachings, there is immense wisdom in honoring the pauses—the quiet lulls that punctuate our efforts. In these spaces between actions, between breaths, there lies a sacred realm of potential. It is in the pause that we reset, clarify our intentions, and gather strength for the next phase. This is not only idle time, but a period rich with potential, ripe for introspection and recalibration.

To truly embrace this philosophy, we must learn to listen—to really hear the whispers of our soul in the stillness that follows our busiest days. It is in these moments of silence that we often find the clearest answers and the strongest guidance. Just as nature cycles through seasons, we too must allow ourselves the space to retreat and reflect. Spring follows winter, dawn comes after the night, and growth follows rest.

Living with Dragon Energy

As we navigate our paths, let us draw on the metaphor of the Dragon—not as a beast to be tamed, but as a guardian of our deepest reservoirs of strength and wisdom. Let this powerful emblem remind us that within us lies the capability to rise, transform, and soar towards our highest aspirations.

In embracing both the highs and lows of our energetic experiences, we become more attuned to the rhythms of the universe. We learn that every phase of our journey is essential, every emotion valid, and every pause beneficial. This holistic acceptance does not merely help us cope with life's challenges—it empowers us to thrive amidst them.

So, let us step into the dance with Dragons, with open hearts and a willing spirit, and feel them imbue us with spiritual stem cells for our souls. Let us be fearless in our pursuits and patient in our pauses. For in the grand tapestry of existence, every thread is woven with the golden strands of our interconnected lives, each one vibrant with the promise of infinite possibility. In this dance, we are both the creators and the creation, continually evolving, forever expanding, and eternally learning in the beautiful, boundless universe.

The Dragons are the ones who began the "Spiritual Stem Cells for the Soul" conversation ... I say a big yes!

YES, MY PEOPLE!! You can still join the Dragons of Mu course!!

Learn More about the Dragons of Mu HERE!

 Divine Blessings to you!