A Worldwide Super Full Moon Sacred Ceremony

celestial beings crystals star mothers
The Star Mothers gazing at the world with crystals on it

Welcome to a transformative event that will unite Star Mothers, Priestesses, and powerful ShaWomen from all corners of the globe! Together, we will embark on a profound journey during the Super Moon in Aquarius, a celestial alignment that symbolizes commUnity and coherence. By joining consciousness through the field, we will rekindle our connection to the ancient wisdom stored within the Crystalline Grid, accessing the Akashic knowledge through the loving and benevolent guidance of the Pleiadian Star Mothers and the mystical essence of Lemuria. Prepare to tap into your own crystal Beings and be part of a global wave of benevolent change!


Awaken Your Lemurian Akashic Memories

Within the crystalline grid of Gaia, your Old Soul Lemurian Akashic memories are alive, joyous, and vibrating. This sacred ceremony invites you to dive deep into your inner realms and reconnect with the profound wisdom of your ancestral lineage. The energies of Lemuria, an ancient civilization known for its spiritual mastery, will empower and guide you on this transformational journey. Through our open-hearted and focused intentions, we will reactivate the dormant Pleiadian Akash wisdom memories in the crystalline grid, amplifying our collective impact across the planet.


Guidance from the Star Mothers

The revered Star Mothers have graciously bestowed upon us their specific instructions and guidelines for creating the grid. These instructions will be emailed to registered participants 72 hours before the event, allowing everyone to prepare and align their intentions accordingly. The Star Mothers emphasize the importance of specific crystal and “Earth elements” layouts, offering choices and guidelines that will enhance the catalytic nature of our gathering. They understand that the intentional arrangement of crystal Beings on the grid creates a synergistic effect, amplifying the energy flow to us, and facilitating a deeper connection to the higher consciousness.


The Crystalline Grid: A Nexus of Ancient Wisdom

The Crystalline Grid is an intricate web of organic and energetic matter that spans the Earth, interconnecting sacred sites, ley lines, and of course crystal (and other mineral) beds. It holds the imprints of Pleiadian’s consciousness of ancient wisdom. By uniting our crystals with this grid, we access a vast reservoir of the Star Mother’s wisdom teachings of compassion, love, and spirituality. During the Super Full Moon in Aquarius, the sign of humanity and community, the energies have a particularly potent focus, allowing us to receive and receive and transmit higher frequencies.  


Uniting as a Global CommUnity

This worldwide ceremony invites you to contribute, along  with kindred spirits from every corner of the globe, furthering the gathering of the Light. Regardless of your geographical location, your intentions and contributions will reverberate through the Crystalline Grid, forming waves of transformative energy. As we synchronize our thoughts, energies, and crystals, we create a magnetic field that can harmonize and uplift humanity. Together, as a global commUnity, we are connected by the shared goal of many Old Souls as we awaken the ancient wisdom and co-creating the next Lemuria… Heaven on Earth of the new human consciousness, a time of returned compassionate leadership, reverence for our beautiful Mother Gaia, and all of the Beings who inhabit Here.


Preparing for the Ceremony

To fully engage in this sacred event, it is recommended to prepare yourself and your crystals beforehand. We will be creating a grid with a quartz crystal placed in the center. If you have the Lemurian Activation Codes, we will use them for the Grid circle, with Star Center 11 in the center, and the clear quartz crystal on top of it. The Star Mothers' further instructions will provide guidance on more specific layouts, crystal placements, and our activation ceremony. The Star Mother’s guidance is that your intention is the most important ‘crystal’ in the grid!


Embracing the Super Moon in Aquarius

The Super Moon in Aquarius is a powerful time to celebrate commUnity, innovation, and the expansion of consciousness. Aquarius energy encourages us to break free from limitations, envision a future world of kindness and community, and collaborate for the greater good. As we gather together during this celestial event, we align ourselves with the collective intentions of humanity, transcending individual boundaries and tapping into the universal flow of love and harmony. Let us embrace the energy of the Super Moon in Aquarius as we contribute to the global shift towards unity and higher states of awareness, a world of honoring and empowering individuals.


Rocking the World with Soft Power

While the term "rock the world" may evoke images of disruption or chaos, our intention is quite the opposite. Together, we will gently rock the core of the world (through the mantle of the Earth) by infusing it with waves of benevolence, compassion, and unity. The Crystalline Grid acts as a conduit for our intentions and vibrations, radiating harmonious energy that touches all beings and the planet itself. By co-creating this catalytic event, we become agents of loving positive change, elevating the collective consciousness and paving the way for a more enlightened future; these are the original teachings of the Pleiadian Star Mothers - core spiritual truths for humanity to live by.

By participating in this sacred ceremony, guided by the Star Mothers and supported by the ancient energies of the first Lemuria and the energies of the Next Lemuria, you have the opportunity to tap into the vast reservoirs of your Akashic knowledge. As you connect with your crystal Beings, creating a mandala with them, and align your intentions with the powerful energies of the Crystalline Grid, you become an agent of positive change, spreading benevolence and raising the collective consciousness - you were born for this! 

Get ready to rock the world with the gentle yet potent influence we create together during this extraordinary - and once in this lifetime - event! Join us August 1 at 6 pm Pacific time and together we will embark on this remarkable journey of self-transcendence and unity. Together, we will co-create a harmonious future, guided by the wisdom of the ages and the loving support of the Pleiadian Star Mothers.