Let's Add Heart to Everything

As Heart Month progresses and Valentine's Day approaches, I'd love to share the words of the Pleiadian Star Mothers about Star Center Four, the Heart Center, or the fourth Chakra. I suggest that you read it out loud and let your heart (and mind) hear this beautiful message. As part of the Lemurian Codes for Activation and Healing, this special time of the heart is perfect for deepening our heart awareness. We have many opportunities to mine our Lemurian Akash for the many memories of warmth, love, and wisdom that we were taught by our beloved Star Mothers.

"In the blend of your Human and Divine hearts, there is a sacred elixir that is the highest form of Love.
Your evolved emotional vibrations are expressed through your thoughts, words, and actions from the chalice of your heart.
Through the alchemy of your Human/ Divine heart your potential to embody your Self as the cosmic Beloved emerges."
Hearts focus, (generating a feeling of compassion, gratitude, appreciation, or caring) will create better overall heart health! Yes! Not only feeling better but also actually creating a long-term effect of resilience - our ability to recover from stress and or illness faster. We are in charge of our hearts and how it's (her/his/their) health can be improved with a few simple, and self-loving, steps.

Yes, the concept of blending the human and divine heart to create a higher form of love and an embodied sense of self as the cosmic beloved is a spiritual and philosophical perspective that is gaining popularity in recent years. This perspective recognizes the importance of integrating both the emotional and spiritual aspects of our being in order to cultivate a sense of wholeness and well-being.

Research supports the idea that focusing on the heart and generating feelings of compassion, gratitude, appreciation, or caring can have a positive impact on overall heart health. This is believed to be due to the connection between the heart and the nervous system, as well as the impact of positive emotions on physiological markers such as heart rate variability.

Additionally, this perspective suggests that by focusing on positive emotions and integrating the human and divine heart, individuals can enhance their resilience and ability to recover from stress and illness. This is thought to be due to the positive impact that positive emotions have on the immune system and other physiological processes, as well as the increased sense of purpose and meaning that can result from a heart-centered approach to life.

The concept of blending the human and divine heart to create a higher form of love and embodied sense of self is a powerful philosophy that has the potential to improve overall health and well-being, as well as enhance resilience. We can invite this to happen inside of us without any stress or changes in our location or training. Simply close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, focus on a feeling of compassion, gratitude, or appreciation, or simply by saying "thank you" inside. Do this for 5-10 minutes each day and you will. notice a difference!