$27.00 USD

Fire Chakra Activation

Welcome to the Akashic experience of Fire Chakra Activation! Rekindle, reawaken, and blossom from the ancient seeds of your Akash! With the benevolent Star Mother teachings, you can clear the pathway for the rising energy that can heal you gently, lovingly, and purposefully from the inside out.

Women are the creators, the imaginers, and the bringers of life. The sacred circle offering is for those of you ready to explore and expand the perceptions of who you can be in the new human consciousness.

Join the community with Dr. Amber Mele'ha Wolf, Kryon, and the Star Mothers for the Kundalini Fire Ceremony of the Summer Solstice! Aloha, ShaWomen, and Goddesses of the divine feminine tribe!

*Please - no portion of this program can be copied or shared without the express permission of Dr. Amber Wolf, PhD, LLC.