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The 12 Foundational Classes

Gain access to all 12 Foundational Classes and unlock the wisdom of the Star Mothers.

The 12 Foundational Classes provide an in-depth exploration of the fundamental concepts of the Wisdom Teachings of the Star Mothers. It is a comprehensive compilation designed for seekers of ancient knowledge.

  • Gratitude and Magical Creations
  • Fire Chakra Activation
  • Living as a Sacred Violet Flame
  • Opening Your Akashic Gateway
  • Activate Your Pleiadian Multi-Dimensional DNA
  • Becoming a Human Crystal
  • Full Moon of the ShaWoman's Cave
  • 5th Dimensional ShaWoman
  • Women of the 13 Moons
  • Leading from the Heart of the ShaWoman
  • Living Balance for the ShaWoman
  • Healing the Wounded Maiden