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Maiden, Mother, and Wisdom Woman

Pleiadian Teachings of the New Consciousness for the Evolution of Women

The Pleiadian Star Mothers taught the Women of Lemuria, from the womb, until their transition to the non-physical, how to live in the power of their feminine spirit, with the spark of the divine shining through them.

In this 3-part introductory series, classes are composed of the many ceremonies given to Mele'ha by the Star Mothers. Each class connects you to the portal of wisdom in the three phases of life you experienced as a Lemurian woman. Here you find healing balance and bring that re-creation and re-initiation back into your present life.

Reawaken your Lemurian Akash and remember how to walk through these phases of life with the grace and compassion of a ShaWoman.

In Class One, you experience your conception into the body of a Pleiadian Star Mother, following your original Songline, the time of your birth, and as a young girl, the sacred ceremonial introduction to the Lemurian Teaching Wheel.

In Class Two, the young woman has graduated in experience, growth, and teachings into sacred womb wisdom of the Sacred Mother role, where she will also be introduced to the Shamanic Teaching Wheel.

In Class Three, the role of Wisdom Woman is introduced with a sacred honoring ceremony and it is time for the ShaWoman to access the natural energy flow of her kundalini as the channels to higher states of consciousness are introduced. This is a time of the 'change of life' and you are offered an alternative understanding of this experience, as a woman awakens to the fire of her deepest wisdom and takes her place as a revered teacher and wise woman in the community.

In each class, there is a Q & A, ceremonies, meditations, and Star Mother channels, of course!

Blessings from my Lemurian soul to yours ~*~*~Amber Mele'ha